Quilted Cell Phone Pocket/Wristlet

Back in late August, while I was working on the insulated lunch bags, Abbey asked me to make her a cell phone pocket to match her bag. I wasn't able to start it in time to deliver it with her lunch bag, but it was one of the first projects I finished in September. This is what I came up with:

Abbey's initials were stitched using the same Harrington font from 8 Claws and a Paw, in the 1 inch size. I omitted the flourishes used on her lunch bag.

Instead of piping, I used narrow, folded strips of black fabric as accents above and below the monogram section. The front and back of the pocket are quilted exactly like her lunch bag. The top edges are covered with a bias-cut binding in matching fabric.

I tried a few methods of joining the front and back pieces with wrong sides together and binding around the edges (to imitate a 'designer' tech pocket), but was not satisfied with the results. Finally I decided to sew them with right sides together, then used the serger to overlock the raw edges for a clean finish on the inside. 

The sizing was a guess on my part - I wasn't sure what type of cell phone Abbey had, so I used my Blackberry and digital camera for guidance and tried to get a nice snug fit. The narrow strap is detachable, so that the pocket can be carried like a wristlet or hooked onto another bag with a clip.

I really like the way this turned out! And, I'd really like to make more of these as Christmas gifts - but I'll need to find a way to add a zippered section for carrying ID and maybe some cash.

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