A Pair of Pretty Butterflies

Two of my nieces have August birthdays. This year, I made them each a pretty butterfly coin pouch to hold their 'gifts'.

Here is a pretty purple paisley coin pouch, made from yet another in-the-hoop design from Embroidery Garden.

This one is for my niece who loves purple! I had just enough fabric scraps for the paisley cover and polka-dot lining. I've been saving the purple carabiner for a special project like this.

I like the way the black zipper and detail stitching stands out on this one.

This butterfly is done with pink floral scraps and a dark fuschia zipper (it looks red in my photos, possibly because they were taken with my phone/camera).

I used a pretty bubblegum pink fabric for the lining on this one and it has a pink carabiner.

I thought the dark fuchsia zipper and thread would stand out better on this fabric, but maybe because the scale of the print is so large, it seems to blend into the background.

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