Blog News and Featured in ArtFire Collections in May

Looks like I've been neglecting this blog again lately - in fact I even missed my 4th Blogoversary two weeks ago! I've been busy, busy, busy - sewing and planning and getting adjusted to selling my handmade creations online.

In addition to this blog, I also have Keli's Korner~The Westie & The Wauzer, which is supposed to be all about Keli and Penny. Since they are models for some of my shop items, I've posted over there about some of the Dog Collar Slipcovers that are available in my shop. There's a Blog tab over on my ArtFire shop, so that's a third blog I need to maintain. I've labeled that one SewAmazin on ArtFire to distinguish it from my original SewAmazin blog.

Indecision on what to blog about and where to post it had me in a bit of a brain freeze. I've come up with a plan now, so hopefully I will be back to posting here on a regular basis. SewAmazin on ArtFire will focus specifically on topics related to my shop and items for sale, while my original SewAmazin will by my main blog covering all my sewing and crafting endeavors. But since a lot of my sewing these days is for my shop, there will be some overlap here, there and on Keli's Korner.

I try to post quick updates and previews of what I'm working on fairly frequently over on my SewAmazin page on Facebook, so visit me there and Like the page for up to the minute news.

So - let's get caught up on a few things -

I've been featured an a few more collections on ArtFire recently - this is so much fun! I'm going to have to create a collection of my own really soon!

In late May, my set of Reusable Grocery Bags/Shopping Totes was featured in a collection titled "Eco Friendly".

Also in May, one of my Baseball Zipper Pouches was selected for a collection called "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".  Does that feel like deja vu all over again? (See my previous blog entry on being featured in a collection to see why!)

This particular zipper pouch/wallet is one of my favorites. The color combo of red, white and blue isn't just patriotic, it reminds me of the colors of the Brooklyn Cyclones (and a little bit of the Red Sox).


I was featured in three more collections in June! Amazing, right? I'll share those in my next entry about Patriotic Pups Dog Collar Slipcovers.

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