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My goodness, this blog is starting to look like a knitting and crochet blog ...  the truth is, like most sewing and craft enthusiasts, I tend to go through phases of interest and this summer was a yarn-y phase. Blame it on Stitch 'N Pitch and the Guinness World Record attempt at Citi Field last June. Anyway - I'll post this one last entry to wrap up that phase and then I'll get back on topic for September, just in time for National Sewing Month.

In my Summer Update post, I listed several projects and linked each of them to a public page on Ravelry. Since then, I've added some photos, so I'll show a few of them here.

Gentle Waves Coin Purse
from Crochet! magazine, July 2010
Gentle Waves Coin Purse

Amigurumi Weiner DogAmigurumi Wiener Dog
from Lion Brand Yarn free online pattern
Since I intended this to be a dog toy from the outset, I didn't make legs for this puppy, just ears and nose. The eyes were french knots in yarn ... he's already lost one, thanks to Keli. The Pesties love to rip the stuffing out of their toys, so he's filled with scraps of fleece from an old sewing project, a recycled "quacker" in the body and a squeaker in the head. (I don't know the official name of the noise making device that sounds like a duck quacking, that's why I call it a quacker.)

Felted Hedgehog
from the book, Felted Crochet by Jane Davis
This was another dog toy, filled with fleece scraps and another recycled "quacker".
Felted Crochet Hedgehog

Stash Basket 
from Bernat/Lily Sugar 'n Cream free online pattern
finished size is about 6x6 inches; using it to help organize my sewing room
Storage Basket

Swirling Bag 
design by Kathy Merrick for Knitting Daily TV
free download pattern on Ravelry

Swirling BagSwirling Bag

Not shown anywhere is the most hideous orange mitten anyone has ever seen, LOL.  I wanted to use leftover wool yarn to knit mittens, but since I've never made mittens before, I started a sample using leftover acrylic yarn and following instructions from a book exactly as written. It turned out much too big and extremely ugly, so it's destined to be another dog toy someday. Since it was a practice piece, I experimented with various methods of increasing and decreasing so there were lots of holes in the thumb area. About halfway through, I found Knit Picks mitten class video on YouTube which was enormously helpful, so I will try again and eventually I hope to have some human sized mittens to show off.

I have one last yarn project in process - it's a knitted cardigan sweater with a shawl collar. So far, the back and right front are complete, leaving the left front (started) and sleeves to be finished. I hope I can maintain my interest until it's done ... my fascination with yarn is starting to wane a bit as autumn approaches. I have quite a long list of embroidery and sewing projects I wanted to work on this year.

To see more of my yarn-y projects, see my Crochet, Knitting & Yarn Flickr Collection

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