Ugga Bugga in my Garden

I thought this was a dragonfly flitting around my head in the garden the other day -- until it landed on our deck:

Here's a closer view: 
Creepy! Spent the rest of the day shrieking, ducking and covering every time a flying insect passed by my head. And feeling itchy.

Meanwhile, the garden was a total disappointment this season (much like the Mets -- but we won't go there). Just about everything drowned and rotted.

Everything that is except for the cherry tomatoes. For some reason these are virtually indestructible. Here's one day's pickings:

The basil is doing well too, so we've had lots of cherry tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella salads this summer. The last surviving zucchini plant managed to produce two more smallish squashes, but they are not very pretty to look at. I'll probably shred them and make one last zucchini bread, then call it a season. And like most of this year's Mets -- hopefully we'll be ready to start again next Spring.


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