Christmas 2007 - works in progress

Over the past two years I've tried to make as many of the birthday and Christmas gifts as I can for all my nieces and nephews. I've done pretty well at getting them done close to on time. This year, I even finished the November & December birthdays early. But just after Thanksgiving I realized there was no way I could finish all 12 of the projects I had planned for Christmas, so I had to accept that I'd be buying gifts for most of them. I still wanted to make some of the items, so I've been working on them all month. For some reason, even the simplest projects are taking me days to finish.

Finally, I'm starting to move some of the items into the "completed" category. I'll write more details about each project later when I have time, but until then, I've uploaded some pix of the projects (in progress and complete) into a web album (updated to a Google photo album, Christmas 2007 - in progress). I've added descriptive captions to the pix until I can get back here to elaborate and give detailed credit for the patterns/designs.

I'll add more pix as I get started or complete more Christmas items, so check back here later for updates. Now - back to the workroom for me . . .

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