Swirling Autumn Leaves Potholder (In-the-Hoop)

I completed a sample stitch-out of this in-the-hoop potholder last night:

I purchased this design from Embroidery Library. It is called Swirling Autumn Leaves, the smaller version potholder, and is made completely in the hoop on the embroidery machine. Cool!

I really like the way the design coordinates with the autumn fabric square I have on my kitchen table. I used a piece of the same fabric for the inside of the potholder.

The directions for making this project are very good, but since this was the first time I have made one of these potholders, I really took my time to read and re-read each section, to make sure I understood what was happening at each step along the way. Making one of these is almost like stitching an applique - to both the bottom and top of the project! The next time I make one, I will remember to cut the pieces a bit smaller so that they lie within the dielines instead of overlapping them, which should make the outer edge satin stitch border look smoother. I may also experiment with a wash-away tear-away stabilizer. The fabrics used to create one of these potholders include quilted fabric, thin cotton, Insul-Bright and ironing board fabric. Luckily, I had all of these in my stash. But, I'm wondering if the ironing board fabric is really necessary . . . I think the finished potholder would look much nicer with a fabric bottom instead. I wonder if the Insul-Bright is enough of a heat barrier . . .

This smaller potholder is only about 5x7" and would probably be most useful for a pot lid grabber. I have also purchased the Christmas Potholders design pack in the larger size, which are supposed to be about 6x10". I would expect those to be more useful. And I have a lot of small bits and pieces of Christmas themed fabric in my stash . . .


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