A Quilt for William's Birthday

Nephew William will be turning 4 years old in December. I doubt his mom will visit here, so I'm posting photos now while I have the opportunity.

A few months ago I won a bundle of Disney Cars fabric as a door prize at a sewing event at the Viking Sewing Gallery . . . I later realized this fabric was part of a "cuddle quilt" that is sold at JoAnn Fabrics, but was missing a few pieces. The cuddle quilt is sized for an infant (in my opinion), so I purchased some additional coordinating fabrics and enlarged the design by one column and one row to make it approximately 36x42" in size. This size would be good for napping. *smile*

I am not a quilter -- I just like to try my hand at different sewing techniques. Laying out the blocks in a "random" manner wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but I think I found a layout that balanced the different patterns and colors:

William's Quilt

Piecing the top was a snap since I used my 1/4" piecing foot with a guide. I don't know if I followed "proper" quilting rules, but when I was all done, my seams were not bulky. I then "quilted" the top to a piece of batting, just "stitching in the ditch" around all the squares. I didn't have a large enough piece of batting in my stash for this, so I had to go shopping. I decided to try the new EcoCraft batting which is supposed to be environmentally friendly. Since I'm not a regular quilter, I have no idea if it is behaving the way other battings would, but I can say that it is very soft and fluffy and easy to work with. We'll have to wait and see how it stands up to use in the real world.

I attached the flannel back to the front by matching the right sides together, sewing around all the edges and turning through a small opening on the side. I added the "binding" last and I know I didn't do that by proper quilting rules. I cut 4" strips of this fabric -- it looks like dotted minkee, but it's the version sold at JoAnn fabrics, from a remnant I picked up a few months ago. I attached a strip of this to the top and bottom first, then to either side, folding some extra to cover the raw edges.

William's Quilt
The finished "quilt"

William's Quilt
close up of front corner Cars design

William's Quilt
close up of back Hot Wheels flannel

When it was done, I decided that it needed to be "tied" so I stitched some round satin stitch dots in blue (to mimic the dotted "minkee" border) at the intersections of the blocks.

I'm hoping I can find either a Cars or Hot Wheels coloring book to include with the quilt to complete William's birthday gift.


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