Just a little bit of blog housekeeping ...

Just a few 'sew'cial odds and ends to share in this post - Even though I haven't posted regularly over the summer, I have been sprucing up here and there and added some new links and a widget to my sidebar:

If you're a fan of Wanelo, you can follow me there now. And you can browse, share and shop in my SewAmazin store on Wanelo.

Check out my SewAmazin front page on Rebelmouse - the RSS feeds from my blogs, ArtFire, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites all flow to this one page.

Share a link back to my blog with the 'Grab my Button' widget.

If you're viewing the mobile version of my site, which doesn't show the sidebar, I've also added all the links mentioned above to the 'Sew'cial Network page of my blog. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Did you enter My Birthday Celebration Giveaway in July? The winners were selected on August 1 and are shown on the entry page (first names only). Thank you to everyone who entered!

* * * * * * * * * *

I totally missed my Blogoversary back in June! It's been 6 years and 343 entries since I started this blog. :-)

Nov-16-2018 Remove broken links and missing images; edit old links
Jul-20-2022 remove broken links


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