Happy New Year... Happy Spring...

Happy New Year! And Happy Spring! And everything in between! This is my first blog entry of 2013 and I'm not really sure how I let another three month long break between posts happen again... the more time that passed, the more difficult it seemed to get started again.

First let me say Hello and Welcome to new subscribers! Whether you found me as part of last December's Giveaway Day or subscribed along with my shop newsletter, thank you for reading my blog! This is where I usually try to share my latest sewing and crafting projects. It's part virtual 'show and tell' and part personal journal (to remind myself what I made, for whom and when, and in what color). Some of the projects may eventually end up for sale in either my ArtFire or Etsy shop; some of them are gifts or just for me.

I have a lot of finished projects to catch up on sharing and it will take a few weeks, so don't be surprised if I start posting about Christmas ornaments in April, LOL!

A few random thoughts:
  • April 1 marks my 2nd Anniversary in Sew Biz! To celebrate, I'm planning to have a Giveaway here on the blog. Details will be in a blog post on or about March 30th.
  • Although Spring arrived this week, we still have several inches of snow on the ground. But just about a year ago I wrote this DIY Screen Curtain post because we were enjoying warm and sunny weather and Keli & Penny wanted to go in and out to soak up the sunshine. I can hardly wait for warmer temperatures so we can put that curtain up again this year!

Well, now that I've broken the ice with this post, if all goes as planned I'll have a new entry or two every few days. ;-)


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