A Tropical Sassy

In September, my SIL asked me to make a shoulder bag for her to use during her family trip to Disney in November. Sandy wanted something just big enough to carry her camera, DVD recorder, cell phone tickets and a few other essentials while traveling. And she asked for something bright and fun so her boys could spot her easily in a crowd.

We decided on a modified Sassy Bag - a pattern from Lazy Girl Designs that I've used a few times for myself - and some bright tropical turquoise and green fabrics.

Oversized Tropical Sassy Oversized Tropical Sassy

Of course, I made a few changes to the original design, beginning with increasing the width and height of the bag by a few inches in each direction. And I made the shoulder strap adjustable so it could be worn snug or loose across the body as needed.

The closure is a magnetic snap and I added a bit of ribbon to the side seam with a carabiner clip to help keep track of keys.

Oversized Tropical Sassy

The inside front has a slip pocket, divided into 3 sections; two sections wide enough for holding a cell phone and a digital camera, and one smaller section for carrying a pen or slim reading glasses. The extra width and larger pleats on the front let this Sassy expand to hold onto a wallet, sunglasses and a DVD recorder.

Oversized Tropical Sassy

The back was made just like Lazy Girl Designs' Runaround Bag, fully lined, with a zipper closure for keeping things like tickets securely in place.

Oversized Tropical Sassy

These are some of my favorite colors! And Sandy said her bag was exactly what she wanted for her trip. :-)


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