Most of the time, I work with fabric and thread, but every now and again I venture off into other crafts, like painting and stamping. Here's a good example of one of my recent humble attempts.

It all started when I wanted some sort of Westie sticker or note card to put on a wrapped gift. I thought I had one in my stash, but could not find just the right piece, so decided to make one.

Do you save the wrapping paper sent out in the mail by charitable organizations? I do, especially when there are animals on them. I have never yet used this wrapping paper on a gift, but I save it nonetheless.

In the midst of my search for a Westie note card, I stumbled across this stash of wrapping papers.

Oh good, I thought, there's bound to be a note card in this pack ... and there was, but the logo of the organization was plastered all over it. Not really what I had in mind - not that I don't like that organization, but I'd prefer the logo to be less prominent on my package.

Not too long ago, I acquired a couple of paper punches to make 1.5 and 2 inch circles...

My first thought was to punch 2 inch circles out of the wrapping paper alone and then attach them somehow to a note card. But the paper was too thin and I ended up with ragged, uneven edges. The paper needed some sort of stabilizer ... so back to my craft closet we went (by now Keli and Penny both wanted to know what I was up to).

Does anyone still use a Xyron machine? I forgot I had this! Got it years ago after seeing it on the Carol Duvall show on HGTV (that will tell you how long its been in my closet!) and have used it rarely to laminate some ID cards. But it's exactly the right tool for this project!

I cut the wrapping paper into manageable pieces and fed them through the machine to get these cute little sheets of stickerized paper:


Next I trimmed the sheets so I could use these clever punches to cut out my stickers. These are so nifty - they actually punch UP so you can see what you are punching out! (Forgive me if this is old news - I don't scrapbook!)

Now I have a whole 'pack' full of furry face stickers!

What do I plan to do with them? Here's one idea - made a very simple gift tag using card stock and a Westie face sticker.

This was a quickie project, but if I'd had more time, I might have done more embellishment ... I wonder if scraps of ric-rac and fabric will go through the Xyron. Hmmm ....

This opens up a whole bunch of new ideas ... IF I can still get replacement cartridges for this machine! [Fingers crossed]

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