More Insulated Water Bottle Carriers

I began making this basic style of insulated water bottle carrier just about a year ago. The first one was based on a combination of patterns from around the web, but I've tweaked the design along the way to create this version.

Update 2015: Several were listed in the Insulated Water Bottle Carriers Section of my SewAmazin ArtFire Studio and the Bottle Carriers Section of my Etsy shop; currently, I am making them by request only, as custom orders.

Sized to fit a 27 oz. Kleen Kanteen, they also fit bottles up to 3.25 inches in diameter by 9 inches tall and can be custom sized for larger or smaller bottles. The drawstring top is meant to fit around the neck of the bottle to keep it securely in place.

This bottle carrier is embroidered with a Westie wearing a red bandana. The embroidery design is from Balboa Threadworks and was purchased at I find it needs to be stitched over a piece of white topping, otherwise the base fabric (in this case black nylon) shows through.

Included with each bottle carrier is a removable, adjustable strap so it can be carried over the shoulder or around the waist. On some of the straps, I add grosgrain ribbon to customize the look and coordinate the strap with the embroidery design. In this case, I decided to use a red ribbon with white dots to coordinate with the Westie's red bandana.

Shortly after I listed the red version in my shop, I received a request to customize the colors in a yellow and blue colorway. The Westie's bandana is stitched in a bright lemony yellow, the lining of the carrier is made of yellow ripstop nylon and the drawstring cording is a matching yellow.

The embroidery is done on royal blue nylon for the cover and the straps are made with ribbon in light blue with white dots.


This Paisley Terrier bottle carrier is also available in my shop; I made a similar one for myself for taking water to the Bark Park last year. The embroidery design is from Embroidery Library. I made the terrier a somewhat generic light color so it could represent any number of breeds, not just Westies or Scotties.

In this case, I left the straps plain and used metal hardware instead of the black plastic swivel hooks and d-rings.

One of my customers who bought this bottle carrier wrote a note at checkout that she wished it were available in pink ... so I came up with this pink color way to customize it just for her. Even the straps are done in hot pink nylon webbing!


Peace Love Paws is another one for pet and animal lovers and is also embroidered with a design from Embroidery Library on the cover. This would be suitable for both cat and dog owners. The strap is black nylon web with metal swivel hooks and d-ring hardware.

Anyone interested in the three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - would appreciate this bottle carrier with a Recycle symbol, embroidered with a swirly vine and leaf design from Urban Threads in three shades of green. It has a plain black nylon web strap with metal swivel hooks and d-rings. This color combination looks good on royal blue nylon, too.

In addition to these four bottle carriers, I made one with a Black & White Wolf applique design, just like the one I made earlier this year (blogged as Insulated Water Bottle #15).

I do accept requests for custom orders. I try to find embroidery designs for the covers that will either coordinate with a particular water bottle or will reflect the interests of the person using it. Some examples would be a hobby or profession, their favorite sport, animal, flower or perhaps their name or initial. To request a customized water bottle carrier, see the Custom Orders page of my Studio blog or click on one of the Contact buttons in my shop.

Update 2022: I no longer accept requests for custom orders

I'm also working on a scaled down version of the insulated carriers for beer/wine cooler sized bottles and wraps for cans, but I'm still testing out the sizes of my samples.

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