Finished: Manhattan Handbag

Here's another finished bag from September - it's the Manhattan Handbag pattern from Pink Sand Beach Designs:
Manhattan Handbag

This one is for me. I wasn't sure I was going to like this pattern, but I have to admit that I love this bag. Each side is made up of pieced wedges of 6 different fabrics, with a coordinating center panel . The fabrics were already in my stash - I chose watery blue/greens and chocolate browns, a color combo that feels cheerful, but not overly bright. The center panel is faux leather fabric, another remnant from my collection. It really dresses up the bag.
Manhattan Handbag

Of course, I had to change it up a bit with extra pockets and add-ons. I bought the straps and snap closure from QuiltPlus at one of the quilt shows; they're hand stitched in place.

I added a zippered welt pocket on one side of the lining, similar to the pocket on the outside of the Huntington Hobo I made earlier.
Manhattan Handbag

On the other side of the lining I added a second layer of divided pockets.
Manhattan Handbag

Along the sides of the center panel of the lining, two small pockets.
Manhattan Handbag

Here's the view of the pockets inside the finished bag:
Manhattan Handbag

Manhattan Handbag

This shows the layered divided pockets and the small side pocket for my cell phone

After using the bag for a few days, I decided I needed to add a tab with a D-ring on each side to keep track of my keys. The longer tab can hang on the outside or the inside, where it helps keep my cell phone safely in it's pocket.
Manhattan Handbag Manhattan Handbag

Naturally, I needed new accessories for this bag - a sunglass case (below, left - my adaption of a QuiltPlus pattern) and a Wonder Wallet and a small Perfect Pouch (below, right - both Lazy Girl Designs patterns).

Manhattan Handbag Accessories Manhattan Handbag Accessories

There are more photos of this bag in my Bags & Purses (Not Lazy) Flickr set.


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